My Research

I am currently researching how to test physical scale models of marine renewable energy devices[3]tidal turbines, wave energy convertors, floating wind turbines, and their supporting infrastructure, etc. in the new FloWave facility at the University of Edinburgh. This also involves understanding and measuring the characteristics of how the waves and current are produced in the test tank.


My research focuses on three themes, which are required in order to answer the question of “how best to test models in a combined wave-current environment at FloWave”.

  1. Characterisation of the facility — particularly looking at the generation of currents and their spatial variability in the tank, as well as measurement of turbulence in the flow.[4]Another researcher, Sam Draycott, has been looking in more detail at how to recreate site-specific couple wave conditions in the facility for his thesis.
  2. Investigating wave-current interactions in the tank, looking at both the impact of the currents on waves, but also of waves on currents and turbulence in the tank, and what effect this has on testing.
  3. Methods of testing devices in the FloWave facility, including developing tools to facilitate testing, and summarising guidance that applies when testing at this facility.


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