2015 in numbers

Over the past year I have again been logging my activity and travel, and thought it would be interesting (for me if no-one else) to post an update on here. In 2015 I walked approximately 4.4 million steps, covering 2 900 km, and I cycled a further 2 050 km. This is slightly more walking than 2014, but about a third less cycling.

Similarly to last year, I imported step count data from my FitBit into a spreadsheet and combined it with information I had noted down, to do my own analysis.[1]I needed to use a slightly different script to get data from the FitBit dashboard using their API, and into a Google Drive Spreadsheet, due to changes in the API/authorisation that I don’t really understand. Thankfully Simon Bromberg has published an updated script on his github page, which worked for me. Because I don’t record sleep, weight, or food intake on Fitbit, this gave a few errors, and so has duplicate data, but it still gives me what I need.

My own analysis was basically calculating averages and totals by week, month, and year. I have also been able to compare this to 2014. Most weeks I have again walked between 70k and 90k steps, with only 7 weeks when I didn’t reach 70k. My holiday again stands out as my most active time, with over 100k steps in each of the 3 weeks I was away[2]2 part weeks, and 1 full week.

In terms of photos, in 2015 I took about 3 750 photos with my SLR and 1 400 with my iPhone, with about 1 800 of those during my Vienna trip. Again, quite similar to last year, with slightly more with the SLR and fewer with the phone. I don’t keep all of these, and have uploaded just 150 to Flickr and 22 to Instagram, although there are a more I want to upload soon.

After trying to work out last year retrospectively how far I travelled by various forms of transport in 2014, I kept a log during 2015, updating every few months when I remembered. I have updated my table of distances travel by various means, as below. [3]As was the case last year, I’ve not counted local travel in cities (by car, subway, tram, or bus), as this would take too much effort.

Mode of travel 2014 2015
Car (driver) 550km  690km
Car (passenger) unknown  460km
Train 4 800km  11 400km
Bus 2 500km  800km
Ferry/Motorised Boat 250km  550km
Flying zero zero
Cycle 2 750km  2 030km
Walk 2 600km  2 900km
Canoe/Kayak/Punt 17km  zero
Swimming 6km  20km
Total 13 473km  18 850km

I’m not sure I can draw many conclusions from these data, but it was an interesting exercise (for me at least), and I will continue to track my travel in 2016.