Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

Just to clarify things, this is a book about exposing bad science, not that Dr Goldacre is a bad scientist. And as there is only one of him, it would be difficult to construct a suitable double-blind placebo-controlled randomised trial to find out whether he is… anyway, I digress. I’ve just finished reading the aforementioned book, and can highly recommend it. Continue reading “Bad Science by Ben Goldacre”

Is Seeing Believing – BBC Horizon

watched the fourth episode of the current series of Horizon last night on iPlayer — Is Seeing Believing? — the first one of this series I have seen.

Horizon does seem to have improved back to it’s previous high standard, and was not dumbed down for TV as it was a couple of seasons ago. However, I still think the old credits were better, with the ————HorizOn———— graphic. Continue reading “Is Seeing Believing – BBC Horizon”