Is Seeing Believing – BBC Horizon

watched the fourth episode of the current series of Horizon last night on iPlayer — Is Seeing Believing? — the first one of this series I have seen.

Horizon does seem to have improved back to it’s previous high standard, and was not dumbed down for TV as it was a couple of seasons ago. However, I still think the old credits were better, with the ————HorizOn———— graphic.

That aside, the programme was a fascinating look into what we know about our senses, and how this knowledge has improved in the past 10 years or so. I was aware of some of the content of the programme, but much of it was new and incredibly interesting:

Such as the fact that we use our sense of hearing to taste if crisps are fresh! If we hear a high frequency sound, we “taste” that they are crunchy.

There was also some incredible footage of a blind person cycling a bike, using echolocation to navigate around a park, in a similar manner to bats.

I will definitely be downloading the rest of the series as it becomes available, something to watch now the dark winter nights are here. (another being updating my blog…)