Photos of 2015

At the start of the new year, I like to take the opportunity to look back over past photos, and try and come up with a list. This is highly subjective, and particularly dependent on how I am feeling when compiling it, nevertheless I have put together a set on Flickr of my top 16 photos from last year.

Louvre Reflections

Unsurprisingly many were from my trip across Europe in the spring, which ended up being my main holiday of the year in addition to visiting and presenting at the conference. I could have ranked most of them in any order, but my top two are similar in that the are both reflections of lights in water, at night.

Reflected Donaukanal

Arc de Triomphe de l'toile

Chasing Bubbles

I think the set sums up my photography fairly well. A mix of landscapes, architecture and engineering. Abstract details and wider shots, some in monochrome, and one one with people in it.