Numbers for 2017

With the Earth having completed another billion kilometre long orbit around our sun, and our arbitrary calendar changing year, it’s time for my annual look back at the numbers of the previous year. I took nearly 11k photos, and walked 4.5 million steps covering almost 3600 km. This analysis is probably mainly of interest to me, but I am sharing it anyway.

Unfortunately I lost my FitBit in February, so upgraded to a Garmin Vivosmart HR+ watch, which also measures heart rate and has GPS to track running. As the Garmin is wrist mounted, and has a different algorithm to determine steps, the data is  not strictly comparable to previous years, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

My step count was again slightly increased, which might be due to the increased visibility of having steps on my wrist, the dynamic step goal on my Garmin which gets higher every day you exceed it, or just the different hardware & algorithm. Throughout, I try and exceed 70k steps per week, which I did on all but three weeks in 2017. My lowest weekly total was just over 65 k. Most weeks I took between 70 k and 100 k steps, with a median of 86 k steps per week (~2k higher than last year).

I didn’t do as much cycling last year, only getting out for a dozen or so longer rides, the rest was commuting around Edinburgh. Hopefully I will do more cycling again this year. My total distance was just 875km, just  ⅔ of last year, and only ⅓ of my total for 2014. This reduction in cycling was mostly offset by an increase in walking and swimming, so my total self propelled distance was very similar in the past two years.

In terms of photography, in 2017 I took about 4400 photos with my SLR, 3400 with my new compact camera, 2000 timelapse shots on the GoPro, plus another 1100 odd photos with my iPhone. A total of just under 11 000, with about 40% taken on my trip to Norway.  As in previous years, a lot of these photos were combined into HDR and panoramas, so I took quite a lot more than I needed. This is also vastly more than I have shared: 155 photos to Flickr (notwithstanding the usual backlog) and 33 to Instagram and a small number via Facebook/Twitter.


Again, I’ve updated my log of how far I travelled by various forms of transport. This ignores local travel in cities (by car, subway, tram, or bus), as this more effort than it’s worth as I mostly walk or cycle. My updated big table of distances (in kilometres) looks like this:

Mode  \ Year 2014 2015 2016 2017
Car (driver) 550  690 1000  0
Car (passenger) ?  460  1660  1600
Train 4 800  11 400  8560  4830
Bus/coach 2 500  800  630  50
Ferry/motorboat 250  550  620  730
Flying 0 0  0  1940
Sailing ~  ~10  100 0
Cycle 2750  2030  1330  875
Walk 2600  2900  3060  3558
Run ~ ~  270  210
Boat[1]canoe/kayak/punt 17 0  3  2
Swimming 6  20  46  73
Total self propelled 5370  4950 4700  4700
Grand Total (km) 13 450  18 850  17 250  13 850



1 canoe/kayak/punt