The news is bad for you

Following on from an idea I first read about in “The Black Swan”, I’ve just been reading an interesting article outlining fifteen reasons why news is bad for you, and should be avoided. Rolf Dobelli’s argument is that by following 24 hour rolling news about everything in the world, we are distracting ourselves from more interesting and relevant information. Continue reading “The news is bad for you”

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

Just to clarify things, this is a book about exposing bad science, not that Dr Goldacre is a bad scientist. And as there is only one of him, it would be difficult to construct a suitable double-blind placebo-controlled randomised trial to find out whether he is… anyway, I digress. I’ve just finished reading the aforementioned book, and can highly recommend it. Continue reading “Bad Science by Ben Goldacre”

Is Seeing Believing – BBC Horizon

watched the fourth episode of the current series of Horizon last night on iPlayer — Is Seeing Believing? — the first one of this series I have seen.

Horizon does seem to have improved back to it’s previous high standard, and was not dumbed down for TV as it was a couple of seasons ago. However, I still think the old credits were better, with the ————HorizOn———— graphic. Continue reading “Is Seeing Believing – BBC Horizon”

Nuclear non-proliferation should include the UK

I was going to write a piece about the recent anouncement that the USA and Russia are committing to reduce the number of nuclear warheads they have in service, and that we in the UK should be doing likewise. But George Monbiot has written something much better than I could, in his article War with the Ghosts which I urge you to read of you have not already done so. Continue reading “Nuclear non-proliferation should include the UK”