Category: Photos

  • #monovember2020

    A series of monochrome images taken each day in November 2020, originally posted to my Instagram.

  • Photos of 2015

    At the start of the new year, I like to take the opportunity to look back over past photos, and try and come up with a list. This is highly subjective, and particularly dependent on how I am feeling when compiling it, nevertheless I have put together a set on Flickr of my top 16 photos from last […]

  • Under Glasgow Central

    At the weekend, I went on a tour of Glasgow’s Central Station, which gives access to some of the hidden areas below the station, and covers some of the 130-odd year history of the station.

  • 2014 in photos

    Rather than put together another list of top photos from the year, I though I’d do something a bit different, and remember some of the interesting trips and events by the photos I took. I saw in the New Year in Edinburgh, although avoiding the street party. I went up to Calton Hill with my […]

  • Favourite photos of 2013

    I recently realised when thinking about my favourite photos from the past year that I had not even put together a selection from the previous year. So to remedy that, below is my top three, with the rest of them on Flickr. Partly I suspect this was because photography was somewhat overshadowed by my return to […]

  • 2011 photography

    I finally bought myself a DSLR camera in the spring, and I have taken approximately 6100 photos with it since then, plus another 1700 during the year with my old camera, and a few hundred on my phone… However, my top 10 of the year were all taken with the new camera.

  • New camera

    I’ve had my new camera for about two months now, and I can now just about work it.